How to Talk Tech

The following sites are great resources for everything techie, from gadget reviews to editorials to reflections on technology today. If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further…

1. Denver Public Library Technology Blog
The DPL has their very own idea lab! Check out their technology blog if you’re looking for writing tips; their posts have a great informal, yet informative tone.

2. PCmag
PCmag reviews a wide range of tech gadgets, from tablets to cameras to televisions. Take a look at their rating system and elaborate comparison tables. If you’re planning to write reviews, consider coming up with your own scale.

3. TechRadar
Another techie review site, but this one’s from the Brits. In addition to the written word, they also offer lots of video reviews (worth watching for the British accents alone!).

4. Wired
Wired is one of the most authoritative technology sites in the US, published in print and online. They offer reviews as well, but have more to say about the grand scheme of things and how technology affects our culture.

5. Common Sense Media
The folks over at Common Sense Media evaluate technology and media with a focus on children and families. They’re an excellent resource for app and game reviews.


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