idea lab Spotlight: 3 Odd iOS Games

3-odd-iios-gamesSometimes there are games that are “out there.” These games usually find their place in the App Store for one reason or another and I have taken it upon myself to pluck them and place them on a pedestal for criticism…well three of them anyway.

– Super Monsters Ate My Condo

Super MAMC as I have taken to calling it, is a vertical matching game in the style of Bejeweled paired with the physics of Jenga. You swipe condos to the side from your tower to match three of the same color and create a better condo while also trying to fend off the hungry monsters that threaten to tear your tower down.

All in all, Super MAMC is an interesting and fun game with a new concept, something that you don’t see much in the app store anymore.

– Bam Bam Dash

Bam Bam Dash is a basic endless runner game. For those who are unaware, an endless runner game is a game where there is no end. You jump over as many obstacles as you can and survive the longest to get a better score than your previous one.

The fact of the matter is though, this isn’t a very good endless runner. Half the time I can’t tell whether things are in the background or are actively trying to kill me. Not to mention the game has some graphical bugs that should have been fixed already seeing that this game has been out for nearly two years. If you are looking for a finely polished endless runner game I suggest Canabalt, a game that has perfected the endless runner.

– Cool Pizza

Cool Pizza is…cool. The game is a mix between an endless runner and an arcade beat em’ up all on a skateboard. According to the App Store description you are, “traveling through the underworld fighting to find answers.” Answers to what question, I have no idea, but I do know the game is awesome.

*Notice this game does have a bit of pixelated blood in it, so if that’s not for you then stay away.

While Cool Pizza lacks a bit of content it does give you lifetime stats for all of your past lives as well as leaderboards for you and the entire world (if you’re connected to gamecenter that is). Not to mention that this is also a completely new idea to the App Store as far as game mechanics go.

So give these three a download and see if they tickle your fancy.

-Casey W.

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