idea lab Spotlight: Pixton Comics

Have you ever wanted to make your own comics but don’t have the time or patience to draw each individual face, pure and streetlamp? Well fear not, Pixton is here!

Pixton is an easy online alternative to all the time wasted redrawing each individual comic panel. With Pixton you can design, move and give life to you characters with just a few clicks of the mouse! However there are a few “cons” mixed in with the “pros” regarding this tool.


  • Can easily put characters in most any position in little to no time with 30+ pre-made positions just a click away.
  • Easy scenery manipulation with a large library of environments sorted in to several categories.
  • Easily thousands of combinations to be made with different props, backgrounds and characters.


  • Cannot import custom art in to your comics (sorry artists).
  • If under 18, a parental account is needed to even view a comic you’ve made. In all you need 2 email accounts both requiring verification which takes a while.
  • May only have 6 panels per comic.

All in all if you’re looking to convey a fun comic in under 6 panels Pixton is a perfect match, and with a more than helpful user interface you can pick it up in no time! In fact I made this in under 10 minutes with no prior experience.

-Casey W.

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