Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The Cummings idea lab has recently recieved a few new “Tech Goodies,” one of which is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. The Note features a 10.1-inch Full HD screen, a 1 GHz processor, 32 Gigabytes of storage, full stereo speakers, and a 3 Megapixel rear-facing camera. The tablet can be used by anyone, but is especially good for students or people who take notes everywhere they go.


Large, full HD screenfeature1_5
Samsung’s 10.1-inch, full HD screen allows you to view pictures and movies (and everything else) in amazing quality.

Smooth writing
main_visualSamsung’s S-Note technology combined with the new S-Pen makes taking notes seamless. The S-Pen is sensitive enough to know when you’re making thick lines or smooth strokes.

It’s fast…really fast.
The Note features a 1 GHz processor, meaning that you can watch HD videos without compromising quality. When I was using the Note, I had about 20 apps running and was watching an HD video while taking notes, and I experienced no lag or drop in video quality.

Flexible multi-tasking
2014-08-02-17-43-24Multi-tasking is easy with the Note’s 10.1-inch screen and 1 GHz processor, letting you scribble out notes while watching your favorite movie.

Air command
Air command is one of the great features that comes with Samsung’s S-Pen. Click the button on the side of the stylus (though it is admittedly awkward) and a menu appears with useful features:

Action memo
2014-08-02-18-00-10Tap to turn your handwriting into an actionable link to one of a range of useful features. This memo connects you to 7 things you are most likely going to do (call, save contact info, send SMS or email, search web and location, add tasks) via Link Memos to Actions.

No more struggling to organize information or track down contents from various sources. Now you can easily collect and organize a variety of content, including webpages, YouTube videos, videos on your device, etc. in one place called “Scrapbook.”

Screen write
Snaps a picture of your current screen and lets you write on it. It can export to your computer as a .png file.

Pen window
Use the S-Pen to draw a window on your screen, as big or small as you want, and then opens an application (such as a calculator, the weather, your contacts, etc.) in that window.

The Camera
The camera on the Note is too low of a quality for a tablet of this caliber.

It’s a bit heavy
For a tablet in which its main purpose is taking notes, it is a bit heavy to hold in one hand (especially with a case) and in my opinion should have some weight taken off. (Hit the gym Note!)

Not many apps make use of the stylus
Not many apps make full use of the S-Pen, which can be expected as it’s a newer tablet, and that takes away from the Note’s appeal.

Overall, the Note is a great tablet for taking notes, with just a few shortcomings.


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