App Review – Hyperlapse


Bring the editing magic of time-lapse video to your phone!

The creators of Instagram haven’t been resting on their laurels, more precisely they’ve been developing new apps for your mobile entertainment pleasure. Nothing has made this more clear than Hyperlapse, an app which brings the power of time-lapse editing and stabilization to your phone.

The app itself is extremely streamlined, making it almost impossible to misuse or ruin the time-lapse process. The app also offers new “stabilization technology”, which is said to bring a cinematic feel to your videos. Having used the app myself I can say this is completely true. I walked around for a few minutes with the app recording and I can definitely tell the difference the stabilization makes. However, this does not mean you can throw your phone against a wall and it will stay still. It would most benefit you to have a steady hand when using the app, this is when the real cinematic feel is achieved.

While the app was intended for you to post timelapses to Instagram, you can also post videos to Facebook as well as save videos to your phone’s camera roll. This is a very refreshing feature, a departure from the “you must sign in to Facebook to use this feature.”

All in all, Hyperlapse is a fun little app that could end up producing some really interesting videos. Give it a download!

– Casey

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