Your Weekly App-scriptions

1. Action Movie FX ★★★★★
Created by Bad Robot Interactive
If you want to experience “Star Trek” landing in your own backyard, then you’ll love this app! The animations are great-they’re so real it’s hard to believe you created them. In the future, I’d like to see more themes included. An update with more variety would make this a very strong app.

2. Compulsive ★★★★★
Created by TMSOFT
The game is addictive and it helps stretch your brain. If you’re looking for entertainment to kill time, then Compulsive is for you.
The only downside is too many ads, but that’s the price you pay for a “free” game.

3. Coffitivity ★★★★
Created by Coffitivity LLC
If you like the ambience of a coffee shop, this is the app for you. Want to add music to feel more inspired? Go to your library and add Pandora. Start your day energized with this simple app.

4. Curious ★★★★
Created by Inc.
A lot of interesting stuff to learn in short videos. Curious is great because it allows you to preview lessons for free, but keep in mind you’ll have to pay to complete a lesson. This is a good app but may be misleading because the download is free, but most of the content will cost you.

5. Cubic Tour ★★★★
Created by Gree Inc.
This app is slow up to the third level, but then it becomes challenging trying to match the pattern on the wall by spinning the block. I give this app 4 stars because of the slow start, but it’s certainly worth the download.


Yours Truly,
The App Doctor

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