Game On: Android Game Review

Badland is a side-scrolling adventure game with seventy levels. The user must navigate through a forest, evading many different types of obstacles. This is a decent game, but does not deserve the hype it gets. True, the scenery of the forest is beautiful, but that by itself does not warrant five stars when the game is simply following a preexisting template for level-based adventure games.


Winter Walk is the worst game here. The user must make sure that a man on a stroll does not lose his hat in the blustery wind by hitting a key which makes the man grab his hat. The user advances as many steps as possible before losing the hat. The overly simplistic and repetitive nature of the game and the lack of a foreseeable goal make this a poor game.

Winter walk

Hopeless: The Dark Cave is the best game reviewed today. The user must fight off constantly attacking bands of demons with a pistol, with the aid of additional shooters as the game continues. Although it is repetitive, it builds up to a crescendo in which the user must frantically fend off the demons that are closing in from all directions. It is a fun game that can keep you or a smaller child entertained for a little while.




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