Multi Media Fusion – The Professional and Easy Way to Make Your Own Games


Most people (at least I think) envision coding and the production of videogames as something out of the Matrix. That vision is not entirely false but it is getting increasingly easy for non-math wizards (such as myself) to make videogames and Multimedia Fusion by Clickteam is a great example of the changing tides.

Multimedia Fusion is software used to create and maintain videogames created by Multimedia Fusion. It uses a simple condition based checkbox system to “program” the game for you. For example, if I wanted to make a ball bounce off of a panel then I would do something similar to set forth a condition such as “if ball hits panel.” I would then find where the object and the condition intersect on the grid and click the box which would bring up a menu where I could select “bounce” as an option.


(looks like this, but in this example the condition is that the number of lives reaches 0 and the effect is the game restarts)

Multimedia also has a simplistic pixel manipulation application built-in which makes for an easy way of quickly producing artwork on the fly. Now this may sound like a whole load of information to take in but trust me, it’s all helpful. It can also be troublesome comprehending what every little bit of technical terminology means in the program. The easiest way to solve this I’ve found is to learn hands on. You can do this by looking at the droves of tutorials that Clickteam and it’s various community members has authored over the years this program has been available.

(An example of over 100 games made in Multimedia Fusion)

And here are the tutorials that made these games happen!

Now here’s the five star dilemma, “I don’t have the program and it probably costs thousands of dollars like Photoshop right?” Well I’m glad to say in this case you are wrong, Multimedia Fusion 2.5 is free for everyone! That’s right, this program’s newest iteration is free with no strings attached (just between you and me it usually costs upwards of 300 dollars). You can download this wonderful program at their website here! 

Enjoy the game making!

– Casey W.

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