Your Weekly App-scriptions

1. Cookbook ★★★★★
Created by Projektagentur GMBH
Original version illustrates 84 recipes and 700 high resolution photos with 4 topics: Quick & Easy, Italian, Asian, and Baking. All recipes are easy to prepare and shown in step by step photographs. If you like cooking you will definitely enjoy this app.

2. Speech of Flowers ★★★★★
Created by by Mikhail Somoylov
Find out the meaning of flowers and plants with this app. The language of “Floriography” changes in different territories. In Japan it is Hana, the symbol of life, color, and love. This app is a must try for those who love plants and flowers.

3. Yelp ★★★★★
Created by Yelp, Inc.
This is a great business information app. From a restaurant in Spain to a clothing store near you, Yelp provides beautiful photos and maps that are easy to use.

4. My Script Memo ★★★★★
Created by MyScript
Convert your handwriting to digital text and share with Evernote, Facebook, and Twitter. MyScript Memo is available in 31 languages; English, Spanish, French, and more. This useful note writing app is straight forward and easy to use, it feels like a regular notepad. Make notes and drawings and share them with friends.

5. Maze Runner ★★★
Created by PikPok
This game allows you to play your favorite runner from the “Maze Runner” film. This is a challenging and fun game. Collect clues and unlock new levels to get to safety before the maze seals shut. The only downside is the $4.00 charge for each character, which is why I gave this a 3-star rating.

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