Your Latest Appscriptions

1. Numtris ★★★★★
Created by Ivanovich Games
Numtris is an addicting logic number game with multiplayer split-screen mode, allowing you to play with friends. This game includes simple, but challenging numeric puzzle mini-games to improve your math skills.

2. Letris ★★★★★
Created by Ivanovich Games
This app has the same multiplayer concept as Numtris, but the goal of the game is to form words and send them to your opponent’s board. Watch the challenge grow with each new level.

3. Brain Twirler ★★★★★
Created by Nicola Sarmonia
brain twirler
If you want to keep your brain busy, this game is a great help. This app is perfect for people who love strategic thinking and want a good mental workout.

4. Matcho Mix ★★★★
Created by Crazy Monkey Studios
Matcho Mix is a fun and colorful puzzle game. Clear the board by swiping the shapes and matching colors. This game starts out easy, but with each level becomes more challenging. Matcho is good for all ages, the only drawback is the amount of ads.

5. Shadow Mania ★★★★★
Created by Migo Apps
Guess a shadow or silhouette of people, places, and things from around the world. Missing one can be frustrating and this game requires a bit of patience, but by the end you’ll be shadow-savvy.

-The App Doctor

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