January Appscriptions

Here’s the latest recommended iPad apps from our very own “App Doctor.”

1. Saviry ★★★★★
Created by Lanuta
This app helps you save money by showing deals on the web and in stores. Follow friends and be followed by people with similar taste; your friends will find your likes and discuss them with you. Saviry will also notify you about new deals. Enjoy the freebies!

2. Kreezy ★★★★★
Created by Elepath, Inc.
Whether you’re a toddler or professional musician, this app will peak your interest. Kreezy is preloaded with 15 sound boards and you can sketch out your musical ideas on 8 colored tiles. Record your own boards and save as many as you like. Play back the music you created and enjoy. This app is easy to use to create music you love.

3. Time 2 Words ★★★★★
Created by Jan Schulenberg
This stylish app will change your perception of time. The time is displayed in another language, with nine languages to choose from. Time 2 Words is great for learning a new language; it’s free to download and free of ads.

4. Godus ★★★★
Created by Peter Molyneux
This game is beautiful, challenging, and relaxing. You are a guide for voyages to enchanted lands where you can sculpt and mold the landscape with your touch. Discover a world of mysteries above and beyond the landscape. You are the designer and can play God in this imaginary world. The only downside to this app is that it frequently crashes, but it’s still worth a download.

5. Back & Forth 2 ★★★★★
Created by Larry Snyder
This is an addictive game where you can play with 190,000 words, 24 puzzles, and 25 leader boards. You can swipe tiles to complete words, twist your device and the tiles will drop to new patterns. Change your board as you play forward, vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. The longer the words, the more swipes you are allowed. Back & Forth 2 is a good way to train your brain.

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