February App-scriptions

Here are the latest app recommendations from the App Doctor. Enjoy!

1. Shades ★★★★
Created by Uovo
Shades is a Tetris type-game recently featured in “Apple’s Best New Games.” The game will help your concentration and speed up your thinking. Playing Shades is a zen-like experience-a fantastic combo of meditation and panic. The only downside is that you can’t save your progress.

2. 123D Sculpt ★★★★★
Created by Autodesk, Inc.
If you like sculpting, now you can enjoy doing it without getting your hands dirty. You can paint, push, and pull to make sculptures of your own. Also you can select from a library of human creatures, vehicles, and more. When you complete your work upload it to YouTube or share with friends.

3. Tattoos Designs ★★★★★
Created by Skol Games
This app is full of inspiring art with over 1000 designs from all over the world. Even if you don’t like tattoos, this application has a beautiful artistic collection. Check it out!

4. Earth Camera ★★★★
Created by Earth Cam, Inc.
This webcam is awesome! The streaming is great and there aren’t any ads. The disappointment I had was when I purchased a package of other places some were still photos. Before you make a purchase be sure to read the details. That said, the “Free Cams” offer a good selection of places.

5. Instructables ★★★★★
Created by Autodesk, Inc.
Instructables offers a huge collection of DIY projects. The Instructables app is entertaining and useful. Explore creations or upload your own.

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