April App-scriptions

Enjoy another round of app recommendations from our resident “App Doctor.”

1. Bloglovin’ ★★★★
Created by Bloglovin AB
This is one-stop shopping for blogs. Users can keep track of their favorite blogs and discover new ones. Bloglovin’ was started in 2008 and continues to grow.

2. YouTube Kids ★★★★★
Created by Google, Inc.
image1 (1)
This is the official YouTube app for kids. Here you’ll find videos that parents can feel good about sharing with their kids. There’s also a handy built-in timer to manage screen time.

3. Cinenatic ★★★
Created by Hispatamic LLC
Cinenatic is great for creating short films. The app allows you to control the sound track and use slow motion and time lapse. Some improvements are needed for the iPad app, but it works well for iPhones.

4. Blogshot Revolution ★★★★
Created by Foxhole Games
This app is a beautiful and hypnotic neon destruction game! You can throw fireballs and smash blocks-there’s a new challenge each time you play. As an added bonus, there are no coins or ads and there’s a great soundtrack.

5. Fantastic Checkers 2 ★★★★★
Created by EnsenaSoft
In Fantastic Checkers, cute little monsters are used for pieces. You can play against other users, or against the computer. I’m not a big fan of Checkers, but this game is different than others I’ve seen. You’ll enjoy seeing this little monsters jump all over the board.

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