Flight Simulator Takes Off!

The Flight Simulator at the Robert Morgade Library idea lab has really taken off. When I was asked to create this project I was excited to say the least. I was also concerned, however, that this expensive equipment would only get used when I came by to fly on Saturdays. Riki Donnely, the Library’s Electronic Resource Coordinator shared my exact same feelings.

Our fears quickly turned into excitement when the staff of the Robert Morgade Library reported many people showing interest in the flight simulator. We had to scramble to create events and classes for it. Leanne Mobley, then the Digital Literacy Librarian, asked me to come up with a series of events which we called Flight Sim 101. We held three Flight Sim 101 events at the Robert Morgade Library. We also held a D-Day reenactment on the 6th of June.

We also learned that the demand was so great, it was difficult for staff trying to assist patrons using the simulator. In an effort to help, we established 1-on-1 flight lessons. Though we’re still working out the bugs, these amount to a series of lessons that familiarize simulator (or as we call it, virtual) pilots with the equipment. New pilots can sign up for a series of lessons which will get them off the ground in no time.

Austin flies a simulator to a perfect landing

10 year old Austin approaches Stuart’s Witham Field. Austin continues to amaze as he makes perfect landings every time.



It’s not just kids who like to fly. Students of all ages sign up for lessons. One gentleman even told me this fulfilled an item on his bucket list. How can you beat that? Currently eight students are booked throughout the day on Fridays.

This popularity presents us with a challenge. Enough students have shown an interest that we could easily conduct classes two full days a week. We’re working to set up a schedule to allow our student pilots time to learn and not tax the staff beyond our means.

If you ever wondered what it is like to fly, stop by the Robert Morgade Library and try out our Flight Simulator. We’d love to get you up, up and away!



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