idea lab skyward soars higher than ever!



It is I, Chief Flight Instructor George Seaman from the Robert Morgade Library’s idea lab flight simulator. Welcome!

I begin today by welcoming all my students to this new forum. Here we will post schedules, announce accomplishments, report on challenges and plan out our 2017 cross country flight.

I also welcome everyone with an interest or curiosity in the world of aviation. If this is the first you are hearing about the flight simulator, allow me to give you a brief introduction.

Back in the latter parts of 2014, our library director visited an Orlando library and told me of the flight simulator they have. Knowing I have a passion for flight, she asked me to research what would need to be done to add one to an idea lab at Martin County Library System. So the research began. It was a side project and was put at the bottom of my priority list. Not too long after that she came to me and informed me the Commissioner of that district loved the idea and wanted to make it happen. What a jump in priorities that became!

March 2015 saw the grand opening of the Robert Morgade Library idea lab (the name idea lab was created all lower case, this is not a typo). With it saw the debut of the flight simulator. Expectations were that it would take some time to build up popularity. Fortunately it took off immediately (all puns intended)! It has been soaring high ever since. It is one of the more popular one-on-one programs we offer, averaging 24 lessons a month.

This service is special in that it provides everyone in the community the opportunity to experience what flying an airplane is like, without the costs involved. Realistic controls combined with structured instruction allow patrons to grab the yoke and fly a virtual airplane over Martin County. Lessons are on Fridays by appointment only. And it’s all free! If you would like to learn more or schedule a lesson, please email me at

My current students can find their weekly schedule on this blog. I will make announcements here so please be sure to follow and check back regularly. Lessons will resume this Friday after being grounded this past week.

Happy landings everyone!


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