Flight Simulator Status

The flight simulator is remarkably successful. It was featured recently in a library blog, and it is being nominated for a Florida Library Association award. But most impressive is we have 29 students; 15 active, 10 on the waiting list, 2 graduated waiting for advanced lessons and 2 inactive/vacationing. 11 of you have received your Solo Certificate. This is phenomenal! Each and every one of you has a genuine desire to fly or learn to fly. There is not one of you wanting to “play a video game” with the simulator. It’s all about expanding your knowledge and experiences.We have students who are 8 years old, we have students in their 70s. It doesn’t matter. The passion for flying has no boundaries. We’ve amassed almost 1,000 hours and over 3,600 landings in the nearly 2 years the simulator has been up and running. That is just too cool!

The future looks even brighter for us. I have 4 pilots who have shown an interest in volunteering as instructors to take the advanced students farther down the road. Navigation, Flight Planning, ILS approaches, and GPS usage are just some of the things we want to be able to teach. They’ll even teach me a thing or two!

I’m gathering all the information for our Flight Across America 2017. This is a series of 20-50 minute flights beginning and ending in Stuart, traveling along the southern borders, up the West Coast of California, through the Mid-West toward New England and back down the Atlantic coast. I’m currently creating all the flight plans and will soon develop the log book, check list, and process for this event. All students who have received their Solo Certificate are able to participate. If you’ve not received your certificate, don’t worry, I’m working with you on that. You’ll get it soon. Two more events I have planned are a Flight Around the World in 2018, and The World’s Best Landmarks in 2019. The latter will feature flights to famous landmarks which are incorporated in the flight simulator. For example, N0222MF and I found the HOLLYWOOD sign in California. Not all landmarks will be easy to spot (we couldn’t find Mt. Rushmore). This will be challenging.

I want to congratulate our two newest graduates, N0507BG and N1119SE. You’ve done well. I’ve taught you all I can at this point. Now you’re ready to move on to the fun stuff (as soon as the volunteers are ready to teach you).

Congratulations to our latest pilots who received their Solo Certificate:

And to the rest of the Solo pilots who never got a special mention before:
A job well done!

I want to thank you all for making this one of our Library System’s most successful tech classes. It has really taken off!

Happy Landings!

Chief Flight Simulator Instructor
George Seaman

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