Flight Simulator Update-March 8

Flight Around America Takes Off! (pun intended)

Experienced flight simulator pilots have begun our Flight Around America journey. The flight simulator now has a book of flight plans to go with the logbook. I was going to provide maps with each plan but the printing cost to the library is too high. I’ll create a shortcut to a website that I got these maps off of so they can be examined for elevation obstacles. We don’t need to worry too much at this point. Once we get closer to Texas then it becomes important.

I ran flight 1A to get things started. It was a lot of fun. I had horrible weather to deal with at Sebring. Visibility was about 5 miles, ceiling was down to 1500’. Once I got past Okeechobee it rained the rest of the flight. Pilot N0411MS successfully conducted flight 1B which was Sebring to Tampa. Thanks 11MS!

Happy landings, everyone!

George L. Seaman, Jr.
Flight Simulator Instructor
Robert Morgade Library idea lab


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