Flight Simulator April Update Part II

April certainly was a great month for our flight simulator! No sooner had I installed our newly donated and awesome rudder pedals, two more donations were given to our simulator. N0915TT hand made a sturdy wooden base for our new rudder pedals. They are now safely and firmly attached to the mount. Much needed, thank you N0915TT!

Six Saitek Flight Instrument Panels and X-Plane 11 Professional was donated by N0711DW. This brings us up with the pros now! The panels allow us to read the instruments right away without having to look for them on the dash. Wait till you see X-Plane 11 in action! Oh my! It is simply stunning! The flight characteristics are more realistic than our current simulator. X-Plane is installed and the controllers are almost configured. There is a lot of programming involved but the outcome is well worth the effort.


Just look at that! WOW!

As we speak, or at least as I type, N0915TT is traveling through Texas advancing our Flight Around America by another hundred miles or so. Not bad, thanks, 15TT!

The simulator will be down on Wednesday, May 17 and Thursday, May 18. We are bringing it to MakerFest 2017, a library conference of “Maker” technology. We will be showing other libraries our simulator and telling them how much it has impacted your lives. I’m looking forward to representing not only our library but all of you who have made this simulator such an amazing success.

Volunteer applications have been sent out to our volunteer flight coaches (still thinking up a name). Training will begin shortly.

Take flight, all and happy landings!

George L. Seaman, Jr.
Flight Simulator Instructor



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