Mid May Flight Simulator Update

Greetings, Pilots!

With all my other duties here at the library, I don’t get a lot of time to spend programming the simulator. I squeeze in a few hours here and there when possible. With that said, the new X-Plane is coming along great. Some more set up is needed as well as a few bugs to work out, or squash as I like to say. Aside from the occasional crash to the desktop, Flight Simulator X is almost done as well. Few minor additions and away we go.

This past Thursday I took the simulator to Plant City to attend MakerFest 2017. A rocky start parked on the Turnpike for 45 minutes due to an accident turned out to be a fabulous day. The simulator had so many people stop to try it out or just talk about it that we went six hours straight with only a few moments to relax. We didn’t even get lunch.


Several libraries want to install a simulator of their own and one consultant thought it was such a great idea that she wants to learn more about using a simulator in a library setting so she can offer that to other libraries. I feel I’m going to get a few phone calls over the next several weeks.

If you walk to the back of the Morgade library and don’t see the simulator right off the bat, keep looking. We’ve moved it to the other side of the table. We’ve replaced the driving simulator with a gaming PC. More on that when the information becomes available. The driving simulator was moved to the Elisabeth Lahti Library where it will be put to good use.

Thanks to a few pilots, most notably N0915TT, our Flight Around America is in mid-Texas. We’ve got a long way to go but with school ending in a week, perhaps we can get more pilots in the “air” and get this journey rolling!

Congratulations to N0127CS, N0830LS, and N0904DB for completing their solo certificates! Well done!

I would like to wish a warm welcome to N0907CM, who started training two weeks ago, as well as N0726JG, N0529SW, N0330ZA, N1113ZH, N0427BC, and N1008ZZ who are all on the waiting list (the order listed is not the waiting list order). There are several more on the waiting list who will be greeted later.

That’s all for now. Happy landings everyone!

George L. Seaman, Jr.
Flight Simulator Instructor
Robert Morgade Library idea lab


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